Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bahamas 巴哈马 ~ 到了

亲友:Bahamas??? 哪里来的?


Oliver Yeow said...

How lucky you are! Must find some free time to go visit this place before u go back ya, otherwise the 36 hrs will be wasted, hahaha...take good care of yourself and see ya..

Ah Loo said...

haha...just have my shopping day in the town, all the women become COACH hunter...kaka...
Is a nice place here with all the sea around and windy season now.
Once in a life is really good ;)

pinkmaple said...

hmm... so u got ur new Coach rite now... hehehe ;p
enjoy ur trip and don't miss meeeeee~~~ xD

sa said...

You always a Lucky Woman in my mind.
Enjoying yr trip and hope i got my COACH...hahaha.